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Since 1981, The Modoc County Arts Council has supported the development of artists and programs that inspire and bring the gift of art to every person in Modoc County.  Through the arts we can connect with each other and find common ground; our children can learn to solve problems and think creatively; new people and cultures can be appreciated; we can share our culture with others.  Please join us in supporting the arts in Modoc County!

See below for some of the programs we are funding with the help of local supporters and the California Arts Council.

Modoc County Arts Council in Alturas

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The Arts in Education Program is made possible from funding through the Modoc Arts Council along with matching funds from the U.S. Department of Education. It provides funding for local artists to teach art to students in a school setting, stressing the importance of creative thinking, problem solving, and positive self-expression as a foundation for the overall well-being of young people. 

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Arts in Education

Our local community radio station and recording studio! Supported through donations and funding from a grant administered by the Modoc County Arts Council for The Art Center. 

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With the cooperation of local businesses, the Modoc County Arts Council has funded the creation and maintenance of beautiful murals in Alturas and several other towns in Modoc County.

Murals Project

Your tax-deductible donation will be used by the Modoc County Arts Council to fund programs that bring the arts to every person in Modoc County. Simply click on the yellow Donate button below.

Do you have an idea, suggestion, opinion??? We would love to hear from you! 

The Missoula Children's Theatre is a yearly tradition in Modoc County made possible by funding from the California Arts Council and local sponsorship as well as donations. It is an event Modocers look forward to every year,  and for years to come.

Involvement in the arts... 

grows your soul.

 The Modoc County Arts Council is working to expand your art experiences in Modoc County. 

Missoula Children's Theatre!

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